Instructions to Authors

Chikitsak is a wide-ranging, far reaching, open access, peer-reviewed journal covering a broad range of Medical and allied subjects. We accept manuscripts including original research articles, reviews, editorials, news, case reports, adverse reactions, short communications, clinical problem solving, perspectives and new updates. Chikitsak is published quarterly both on-line and as a physically published journal. We follow standard requirement for manuscript submission. Authors must show their significant contribution in study design, data acquisition/ analysis/ interpretation and be accountable for the accuracy of the content of the manuscript. The corresponding author takes the responsibility for communications with the journal during the process of peer review, editing and publication. The authors also stipulate that material submitted is new and original; no unfair or unethical means have been used; no part of the submission has been plagiarized and there is no conflict of interest. Manuscripts can be submitted by email to dr.alokshukla@gmail.com.

Peer Review Process adopted by Chikitsak

Chikitsak adopts both Single blind and double blind peer review processes. Basic Process adopted is shown in the diagram given below: -

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